Diosa: More than a pretty picture

Diosa exudes beauty, in her art, her body, and her spirit. Her paintings strike you with a rare blend of colour and morality, line, and spirit. She and they are lovely messengers of sexuality, freedom, female empowerment, and spiritual wisdom. We are grateful to her for supporting our cause of validating female beauty, and proud to feature her here in our latest interview and photo set, exclusive to SuperBeauty.Org.

Here then is Diosa, artist, activist, intellectual, and yes, total babe.

SUPERBEAUTY: Happy New Year Diosa!

Diosa: Happy New Year to everyone.

SUPERBEAUTY: You are a beautiful woman who is a talented artist. When did you know you were beautiful and when did you know you were an artist?

Diosa: To tell you the truth, it was during these past few months. I've received a lot of good feedback on the way I look so I decided to enter into a modeling career. I started painting at the age of 14. Painting is really what I love the most and I hope one day I'll be able to make my living with it. Actually, I do exhibitions in the Geneva area and also on my website www.Diosacornaz.com. Both help me to get better exposure.

SUPERBEAUTY: What is your goal with your art?

Diosa: My art is a mirror of my soul. It's a projection of my feelings and I would like the world to look like it. A world where peace, joy and friendship would be the main track of human behaviour.

SUPERBEAUTY: SuperBeauty.Org is fighting for the freedom of women to use, enjoy and benefit from their beauty. Do you agree with this cause?

Diosa: Yes, women have a greater importance in leading the planet than men think. A good way to achieve this goal is to use our beauty and unique sensitivities. Unfortunately the power of our minds is not sufficient to convey our knowledge so using our beauty is of a prime importance.

SUPERBEAUTY: How does taking off your clothes help women and the world?

Diosa: It shows how to appreciate our bodies, free ourselves of the limits that society imposes on us. It shows that our beauty is of a prime importance and that our attractiveness is not vulgarity and should be an inspiration for human behaviour.

SUPERBEAUTY: From your site it seems clear you are very concerned with the harmony and peace of the world. What will you do to help the world be a better place? What causes are important to you?

Diosa: Yes, I am very concerned with harmony and peace in the world. I'd like to change the behaviour of families. I would like to show a better way in relations between parents and their children. We should give more love to help them grow in harmony with nature and society. To help them understand that the only good way to behave is to respect our fellow humans. This way war will end and our way of narrowly pursuing money as the only goal will leave room to better understand human suffering.

SUPERBEAUTY: How old are you?

Diosa: I just turned 27.

SUPERBEAUTY: Where were you born and where do you live now?

Diosa: I was born in Gabon. After 15 years living in Africa I resumed my studies in France and I started painting and writing. I am classified as a Symbolist painter. I've travelled in 41 countries which helps me to have a better understanding of humanity. Now I am living in a small town next to Geneva Switzerland.

SUPERBEAUTY: Do you have new projects you would like to tell us about, such as your website, modeling or other things like acting, singing?

Diosa: I'd like to succeed in modelling, enter an acting career and finally create my own fashion line. You see I've got many goals for my future. Actually my modelling career is starting very well, with many assignments all over France and Switzerland. It's very promising.

SUPERBEAUTY: Thank you Diosa. We're grateful for the beauty you've shared with us and for letting us be an instrument of female empowerment.

Diosa: Thanks for your help and for the exposure your site allows me.

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Diosa, artist, activist, intellectual, and yes, total babe:

Diosa's Websites:



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